ICL implantation

Implantable contact lenses

These implants are similar to traditional contact lenses, except they are implanted within the eye itself permanently. These are particularly useful when laser surgery is not appropriate, and rest assured you cannot see or feel the ICLs once the treatment has been completed.





Close up of an eye with implanted contact lenses

Benefits of ICL

Implantable contact lenses offer an effective solution for a broad range of prescriptions, providing enhanced and sharper vision without the need for a permanent alteration of the cornea, as seen in procedures like LASIK. This approach avoids corneal thinning and eliminates the risk of developing dry eyes due to laser-induced effects. You cannot see or feel these implants, and they do not need to be cleaned.

ICL implantation is effective in treating high spectacle prescriptions, and is widely used to treat younger patients who are not suitable for laser eye surgery.




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How it works

In ICL surgery, both eyes can be treated on the same day. Prior to the procedure, anaesthesia and sedatives are administered to minimise any discomfort. A small 2-3mm incision is made at the corneal edge, through which the folded ICL is gently inserted into the eye. A specialised delivery device ensures precise placement of the lens implant behind the iris, where it unfolds into its correct position.

Temporary side effects, including temporary blurry vision, light sensitivity, eye discomfort, and glare from lights in the dark, may be experienced post-procedure.

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