YAG laser capsulotomy

Posterior capsulotomy

A YAG laser capsulotomy is a quick corrective procedure to enable light to pass through the capsule cleanly, and give you clear vision once more. Occasionally after a cataract operation the posterior capsular membrane which holds the new artificial lens can become cloudy or wrinkled, making the vision blurred once more. The treatment itself usually takes no more the 5 minutes, but it is important, as with all eye procedures to consult thoroughly, and provide high quality aftercare.




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What happens during YAG laser capsulotomy?

Firstly your eye will be numbed with local anaesthetic eye drops, and then Mr Perez will use a YAG laser to make a small opening at the back of the lens capsule. This opening makes it possible to see more clearly, as light will now be able to pass freely through the small opening. You may need to have someone to drive you home, but in general your vision should be absolutely fine right after, and will be fully restored within 24 hours.



Believe your may benefit from posterior capsulotomy?

If you believe you may need a consultation for YAG Laser Capsulotomy, arrange with Mr Alfonso Vasquez-Perez today.

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