Take a look at the treatments that Alfonso is experienced in providing.


Cataract Surgery

Mr Alfonso Perez is an experienced eye surgeon providing high quality treatment and care for anyone seeking private cataract surgery.  more  

YAG Laser Capsulotomy

This is a quick corrective procedure to enable light to pass through the capsule cleanly, and give you clear vision once more.  more  

Laser Vision Correction

This surgery works by reshaping the cornea very precisely, correcting either short-sightedness, long sightedness, or astigmatism.  more  

ICL Implantation

These are a particularly useful alternative when laser surgery is not appropriate, act as a ‘permanent’ contact lens that you cannot feel.  more  

Corneal Cross Linking

You can have private CXL treatments to prevent the progression of keratoconus with a world-class consultant eye surgeon.  more  

Corneal Transplantation

Corneal transplants are available to treat Fuch’s dystrophy, and these have been developed extensively here at Moorfields.  more